Linda Vlasak, PhD

Vino Etc

Kevin spent time with a colleague and myself to go over a business idea we were thinking about pursuing. It was the best hour in a long time that I have spent and learned as much as I did.
Kevin’s suggestions and recommendations were invaluable and we will definitely keep him in the loop as to how we are progressing. His words of wisdom and precious time that he spent with us, was greatly appreciated.
Thank you Kevin!


Dan Underberg

Cardinal Stritch University

Kevin’s attitude and energy make his marketing expertise fun and easy to remember. He uses real world examples to transform marketing theory into something that is real and attainable for businesses of all sizes. If you operate a business that struggles with marketing, his first-Thursday meetings are a must.


Michael Arnold

Palmetto Partners

Kevin has a fabulous way of thinking creatively about how to market your business. The ideas I have received from him have produced tangible results. I would recommend Kevin to anyone looking to expand business quickly, profitably and with a lot of added fun.


Diane Konrath


Meeting Kevin is one of the greatest gifts in my journey as an entrepreneur! Kevin is one of the most down to earth, giving and encouraging people I know. I respect his knowledge, advice and direction tremendously.
If you want to take your business and life to the next level, look no further. Kevin is the person to have by your side all the way! He is a proven successful business leader and entrepreneur who wants others to enjoy unlimited success. I can’t say enough about how Kevin continues to help me grow and recreate myself, and my business.


Jim Gehrke

Kevin has been my business strategist since 2006. My company has grown 5 Times since then. It would have grown more if I could get out of my own way.

When Kevin first started to work with me, I was unsure of myself, not sure of the direction my business should go and the list could go on. Now I have the self-confidence necessary to go out everyday and be productive. 

I thank Kevin and the other entrepreneurs he coaches with my success today.

He has made my success personal to him. Failure wasn’t an option. I thank him for that and encourage you to grow your business with Kevin.

One word of caution though, if you come to him half-hearted he will NOT work with you. He expects a commitment to success. Nothing Else. 


Rob Bilger

PC Medics

Kevin has helped our company immensely. Kevin has great resources and ideas to help any business to the next level. We have experienced both growth and dynamic ideas that has pushed us up the ladder.

We are looking forward to the next step of development. Kevin does NOT offer canned ideas or stuffy suggestions; Kevin has character and personality that you cannot find just anywhere!


Chad Ueble

Kevin is a marketing entrepreneur that helps make your business recession proof. His insights are game changing. He provides out-of-the-box thinking with proven results to help your business explode. If you are looking to reinvent your business or just change your results call Kevin!


Steve Schmidt

Promotional Products Solutions

Kevin has provided and continues to provide great ideas to help us grow our business. I count on Kevin as a sounding board on a wide range of topics including marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, copywriting, and PR. He has proven to be a valuable member of our team!


Kurt Simons, DC, CCST

Care Health Center

Kevin gets more done in 24 hours than most people do all week. His ideas are practical and applicable to every situation that I present him with. He is easy to get in touch with and is always ready to provide insight and application of revenue generating ideas. I would highly recommend him if you want to grow your business and expand.


Jeff Percival

Percival Enterprises

I have known Kevin for a number of years. Unfortunate for me, I didn’t know all of his capabilities until recently, I just thought he was an “out there” kinda guys. 

Deciding to work with Kevin was on of my best decisions in years 
Kevin has helped me refocus on my business and increase my profitability. 
I have also decided to continue working with Kevin instead of joining the chamber again. 

I highly recommend Kevin for any business owner, entrepreneur or sales person.


Sue Richison

Dawgs in Motion

I would strongly recommend Kevin Kowalke to any business entrepreneur that wants to succeed. Kevin has a driving, passionate personality that will never let you fail simply because he personally wants to see you succeed in all that you do.

The information and tools he showers you with cannot be found in any book alone because he adds so much of himself to make you want to accomplish all the goals set before you. Let Kevin help you rock your business!


Bill Driscoll

I have hired Kevin for mortgage needs and belonged to his marketing group for 7 years. His passion about MY success in life and business is contagious. He has a very creative knack for how to get more out of your business. If you get the chance, spend 30 minutes with him and you will be richer for it in many ways.


Mike Ball

President Autowise Concierge Services

What amazes me most about Kevin is his sincere desire to help others.

I have had the privilege of his business expertise for the past six years and have learned volumes. Coupled with his desire to help others is his vast knowledge of business and marketing.

Our relationship has helped me become more successful in my own business. If you are interested in bringing your business to the next level, Kevin is the go-to person. There is NO ONE better when it comes to fresh ideas and strategies for building and enhancing your business.

With Kevin’s ongoing support and training you and your business will reach heights you never thought possible!


Adam Ulichny

Managing Director, SYC Capital LLC

Kevin is by far the best marketing strategist I’ve ever worked with. His creative ideas on how to more effectively implement our business strategy showed immediate results to both top and bottom line growth by helping us directly target key segments of our market through incredibly creative means that had never been done before in our industry.

his has been a total blessing as we saw right away, before working with Kevin, that traditional marketing tactics simply did not work. Kevin helped to change all of that with his expertise, extensive business experience, and creative genius.

Our most recent product roll out geared towards our proprietary trading division saw quarterly sales increase by a factor of 12.76x which is unheard of. Needless to say we have much more in the pipeline that we can’t wait to roll out in Q4 and on into 2012. 


Tony Farrell

Kevin’s greatest talent is that he adaptively draws my inner talents out by offering the right words at the right moments and showering me with patient encouragement. This is why I call him my ‘oracle’.

His influence has already led me to such amazing things I never would have imagined… vast improvements in my business and personal life. Moreover, this growth process – my journey with Kevin as mentor – is continuing and quickly becoming exponentially expansive.

Kevin knows the key to my success is already in me, and he relentlessly encourages me to simply allow that expression to surface through massive action – the ultimate attractant of abundance – while clearly showing the way by taking massive action himself.

Always positive, enthusiastic, impeccable, honest, compassionate and generous, Kevin inspires me to keep thinking way outside my little box and imagine something even bigger and better, over and over again.

Here’s an example: 

After helping me work through some of my larger barriers, Kevin even almost has me convinced that maybe I’m not really my biggest problem after all. Maybe I have been living my life always trying to be someone or something I am really not, thereby forcing change against my true self continuously.

So maybe the only thing I need to change is to stop trying to change. Maybe there’s not even anything wrong with me, and nothing really ever needed to be changed in the first place. Maybe I just need to stop trying to be something I’m not. Maybe I just need to be fully me, following my true nature, uninhibited and fully expressive, exposed to the world… Just like Kevin does with every breath… In a safe, supportive, accepting environment… just like Kevin’s inner circle.


Al McFadyen

Decorative Concrete Surfacing

I have just celebrated five years of being part of Kevin’s elite team of entrepreneurs and thoroughly enjoy being a “student of the game” when he is at the head of the room.

I have been with other business coaches but I felt those coaches looked at their positions as a “job” and NOT as a guide or teacher or even more, a friend. Kevin has a true passion for what he does and everyone who comes in contact with him, even for the first time, will see his passion and desire for not only his success but also the success of others.

He is a rare bread and in these crazy times we live in, even rarer. 
I’m very thankful I have spent the past five years with him and enthusiastically look forward to many more. I consider Kevin a great coach, mentor and a friend.


Sonny Ahuja

Social Media Leap

Kevin is one of the sharpest Marketers helping entrepreneurs succeed today. He has a special gift for communication and connecting with people. As a talented copywriter & business strategist he has helped many of our mutual friends and their companies increase revenue even during these tough times. 

I have been a part of Kevin’s Thursday Morning Thing events and mastermind group for over 5 years. In every single meeting he has given me new ideas that have helped me shape my business & take it to the next level. 

Kevin has the cutting edge knowledge, resources and a strong team that can help enhance & grow any business fast in spite of the slow economy. I am proud to have him as a friend and coach.

Keith LaMere

Capital Acquisition Specialist – Finding You Fair Financing Fast! – Need a $100k loan now?

If you look up PASSION in the dictionary I think you would have to see Kevin’s picture there! 

Kevin has such a zest for life. It’s incredible! Not only does he live every day with purpose, he helps his team and the members he consults with to do the same.

Kevin’s simple coaching principles have helped many people like myself actually ENJOY our business. I can truly say that Kevin is one of the VERY FEW people I trust with my business. He holds himself to a standard that all of us businessmen should respect and admire.

I have seen Kevin take countless numbers of people and help them turn their good businesses into easy, lucrative and FUN businesses!

Quite simply, Kevin is amazing. “Hey, everybody says that” is what you may be thinking. And you’d be right. Which is why Kevin didn’t say it. He just lives it, everyday. And if you have an opportunity to work with him, you’ll know what I am talking about.

Thanks Kevin-Keep rockin’!



Owner of Affordable Insurance & Author of "The Gun Owner's Guide to Insurance for Concealed Carry & Self-Defense."

What can I say….Kevin is THE MAN when it comes to business coaching, consulting and creating amazing marketing campaigns that put actual DOLLARS in your pocket! 
I’m so glad to know Kevin and have him as a mentor.

His creativity and insight help immensely because he is able to look at your business with “fresh eyes” and offer solutions or ideas that you never may have thought of.

I have known Kevin since 2006 where we met at a Glazer-Kennedy event and got to know each other. Being from Madison I did not participate in Kevin’s group after we met because we had our own local chapter. Kevin kept me informed about what he was teaching in his group and gave me an open invitation to visit whenever I wanted…Fast forward to February of 2011 when I decided to make the trek over to Milwaukee to see what his group was all about. 


Kevin is one of THE BEST Glazer-Kennedy Chapter Leaders I’ve ever seen or heard! His enthusiasm is infectious, the group he’s put together is AMAZING, and the lessons are always spot-on and super relevant to everyone’s business. If you can’t take something away from a meeting and implement it within one week to start making money – you weren’t paying attention!!!

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit Kevin’s monthly meetings I’ll ask…”What are you waiting for?” You absolutely MUST come – you’ll be totally blown away from what you’ll see!!! 
I now put the 2nd Thursday of each month on my calendar as a “Kevin Day” and there is NO WAY I’m missing the meetings! I’m TOTALLY HOOKED!!!

Kevin, thank you so much for all you do and pushing the boundaries for us – it is so refreshing to see your presentation each month. I feel like I’m listening to a young “Dan Kennedy” when you are up there – and for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing or listening to Dan – this is the HIGHEST compliment I could ever give him.

Keep up the AWESOME work and thank you so much for helping us fellow entrepreneur’s keep up the good fight!