#RiskEverything – What Nike Ignited Throughout the World with a Simple Hashtag

Hashtags are all the rage and I now understand why…at least I understand the concept and the marketing behind it.

It is precisely why Seth Knapp and Alex Lawton, of #GoGetChitter, came up with #HitAltSite to start a campaign to put Milwaukee on the map for an innovative conference that brings back the freshness of a non-corporate style gathering of extraordinary people…quite the opposite of the SXSW evolution over the last 20+ years. As a board member, it is refreshing to see the innovation happening before my very eyes.

I made a comment on LinkedIn today via my daily post making the point that we (entrepreneurs and business professionals) #RiskEverything everyday, all day, until we run out of gas…and then get up and do it again tomorrow. Nike has intelligently taken advantage of the fact that people love to get behind a “cause” because it makes them feel good…kudos to the marketing team.


The important point here is to figure out one thing…how can you capitalize on one of the most talked about events happening right now? This is a huge opportunity for you. The world is watching. The world is responding. You have through July 13th to get noticed while the World Cup is active…and then months afterwards if you know how to use it.

Will you use it? If you will, share with others how, as it will be instructive to start the creative process…then take action and implement, for without action you cannot get the reward from risking everything.

#ChooseToAct is my hashtag of choice and the common theme for my group, the Thursday Morning Thing, and my members actively participate in taking action. It is said, “Action Speaks Louder Than Words.”

So, I say, make a choice. A choice to be an innovator, a difference maker, a true professional who understand his/her role in the “bigger story.”

Here’s to the current movement to #RiskEverything, even though it is what we have done since the day we decided to go “all in.” Embrace it, capitalize on it, and create something great from the awareness it is bringing to the world.

Today, choose to be extraordinary!

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