The Uncommitted

The other day, Thursday Morning Thing member John Rinaldi sent me a text with one phrase:

“The world filters out the uncommitted.”

This was part of a quote from Andre Durand (CEO of Ping Identity) as told to the New York times. The interview was directed towards aspiring entrepreneurs.

That one phrase brought so many different thoughts and emotions as it is spot on. A big part of the problem with entrepreneurship is individuals do not give 100% of their time and energy to their business endeavors.

All too often I see people struggle to get their businesses off the ground, get it to the point where it will replace their current income or move it to a level where it consistently will produce growth and profit that directly results in abundance and freedom.

Back in 2001, when I made the conscious decision to put it all on the line and give 100% to my business, miraculously I had year over year growth in my production of over 400% which resulted in the beginning of real abundance…and since then I haven’t looked back.

My question for you to ponder is, “Have you put it all on the line?” This is for you to answer honestly on your own. There are two paths to follow depending on how you answer this:

1. If you have put it all on the line…congratulations! What’s next? Who is helping you take the next step? Do you have a clear direction on where you can take your business? Do you see the “hidden” opportunities that are staring you in the face? What you do here will determine the direction of your ultimate empire.

2. If you haven’t put it all on the line…why not? Now is a better time than any to take that real honest look and be brutally honest. Each and every one of us has a God given talent to do something extraordinary for those who need/want what we offer. I want you to reflect on something I will share with you that started when I was asked to speak at TMT Members, Bill Driscoll and Mike Hafeman’s national event for all of their dealers who sell their products.

Bill & Mike asked me to speak on the topic of building a business from the perspective of sales, referrals, relationships, etc. As the end of my time was coming due, I knew I had to shock the crowd with something that leave them uncomfortable…so that is exactly what I did and what I hope will happen with you.

Part of Bill & Mike’s company revolves around selling fire alarms that you can actually rely on…they save lives. So, the perfect moment came, I did a very dramatic pause to make sure I had everyone’s attention and then I said this…

“You have a moral obligation to tell everyone you know about what you do because the product you are selling actually can save someone’s life. How would you feel if someone you know died in a fire because you weren’t committed to your craft of selling reliable fire alarms.”

You should have seen the looks on the all the faces in the crowd. I am sure I had plenty of people say all sorts of nasty things about me, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t there to make friends. I was there to wake people up and get them to sell more products and protect more people.

I know you may be thinking to yourself right now, “Kevin, what I do isn’t that important or doesn’t have such a dramatic impact on someone.”

To that I would say you are wrong. Each and every one of us does something that has a big impact on someone’s life.

If you sell promotional products and help a client put together an ultra successful marketing campaign you may have just saved their job.

If you sell books and get the right book in the hands of the right person, that person could create something that changes their community or sparks what is needed to become one of tomorrow’s leaders or saves someone’s marriage.

If you help fix someone’s physical ailments faster and better than other “professional,” then you will save someone precious time, money, emotional agony and added stress by actually doing it right the first time.

If I didn’t put it all on the line, how many people that I helped would have been lured into those financially devastating mortgage loans that could ruin one’s life.

The list goes on and on and on.

Every TMT member has a gift and talent that needs to be shared with as many people as possible. So, are you laying it all on the line? If not why and what do you need to make it happen?

I hope this message will hit home with those of you who need that push to make sure you are using your gifts and talents to their fullest. Stop waiting on your website to be done…for the right one line to add to your business card…for your book to be complete…for the market to get better…just stop the madness now.

We are all doers…let’s make sure we continue to do what we are blessed to do and put it all on the line.

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